Makeup for Teens

I’m pretty sure if Sephora were a person, we’d be best friends. So goes my love for makeup!

There are TONS of makeup artists, trends, products, and tutorials all trying to stay on top of the coolest makeup looks out there. I’m sure I’ve tried most things (I keep my Beautyblender at the ready) and it’s pretty exhausting, not to mention, pricey for most people–especially teens!

As school approaches, I realize that the dewy lips, sun-kissed and bronze skin, and metallic eyes may not be practical for your everyday makeup look.

So, here are my tips for staying fresh-faced but appropriate for school:

  1. Use a really good moisturizer, and don’t be afraid to try a bunch of K-Beauty sheet masks! I think investing in a really good moisturizer is the key to energized, fresh skin and helps give your skin the boost it needs. Let your skin breathe, and save the foundation for the weekend or a nice event. Too much products will just take a toll on your skin and leave it dry or tired. Give it a break, people! Be a little adventurous and go for a fun face mask that you can do with friends or siblings. There are so many, but I personally love this one for super soft and moisturized skin.
  2. Lips, lips, lips! You’d be surprised how put together you feel with just a bit of lip gloss. This YSL tinted lip balm is perfect for adding a bit of color to your lips while keeping them subtle but polished for school.
  3. Brown mascara– I love mascara and how it completely transforms your eyes, but black mascara can be too heavy for school, especially if you’re sporting neutral, matte eyeshadow. I absolutely love Burberry and was so happily amazed when I got to try out some of their makeup line! Their cat lash mascara comes in a great chestnut brown that looks great on all eye colors and shapes, and the brush helps give you a nice lift but doesn’t clump up!
  4. Hair…okay, so it may not technically be a makeup tip, but I think fixing your hair up in a stylish, sleek ponytail, or fun braids or a pretty blowout can also 100% change your look with minimal effort! These hair ties are a personal favorite, and they come in a bunch of colors to add a fun pop. They keep hair in place super well!

All in all, these tips are just basic things for you to try! Keep a pretty and minimal look by playing to your best assets, like emphasizing your lips with tinted lip balm while rocking a bare face. Everyone’s tastes and styles differ, so these are just some tips to think about.

What are some of the looks you wear for school? I’m always switching it up, so let me know what you guys have found to be fun and practical for school.





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