Fashion Musts for Fall 2017 (part one)

The fall season is one of my favorites for trying out new and daring (and tried and tested!) fashion trends. Fall is the best time to strut the sidewalks like you’re actually on the runway. To me, the options you have for clothes, shoes, and accessories are endless during this time of year!

I’m going to split this post in two parts, because I could honestly talk decades on paring the right type of shoes with your outfit. In part one, I’m going to cover some of my favorite “must-haves” for fall, and in part two, I’ll follow up with some fun accessory pieces to throw into the mix.

Here we go!

1. Leather jacket: I shouldn’t have to even tell you, but any fashionista should have a cute, fitted leather jacket already at her disposal! Fall, or what I like to call “leather weather,” is the only time of year where a leather jacket is comfortable enough with a simple layer underneath, and it looks fabulous over a dress or with the classic skinny jeans and tee ensemble. I love a good old black leather jacket, but change it up with other colors like a rust red, deep green, distressed white or dark blue to break it up. As an NYC girl, wearing all black can be pretty monotonous, so be brave and do a colored jacket! I love other embellishments too, like pins and zippers, for that extra flair. And if you really want to go up a notch, a suede “leather” jacket also fits with the earthy tones of the fall and looks equally fab.


This suede leather jacket is a gorgeous addition to an all-black outfit, and the details on the sleeves give it a feminine flair! (photo: Pinterest)



I love my leather jacket!  

2. Concert or Graphic Tees: This is absolutely one of my favorite newest trends, as seen on some of the best trendsetters like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid! Not only is it a chance to showcase some of your personality through repping your favorite artist or band, but it also gives your outfit such an edgy but simple do-over. Look rocker-chic with a tee and leather jacket, or pair it with a mini skirt and heels for a fun and feminine nighttime look.


Kendall goes rocker with her tee! (Photo: Pinterest)


Jourdan gives street style a refresher (Photo: Pinterest)


Bella accentuates her look with a corset and mini handbag (Photo: Pinterest)


3. Flannels: What else symbolizes the start of fall like the flannel? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a hunky lumberjack to pull off this look! I love flannels–they’re the perfect layer on crisp days, and you can pair them well with other items, like under a vest or denim jacket. I like to keep it simple, with jeans, a white tank, and sneakers or Timberlands.


Flannels with a little graphics add a nice touch!


4. Sweaters: Ditch your grandpa sweaters and make room for fitted cardigans and pull-overs! This warm layer is so versatile, you can fit it to your own style and wear it in many different ways. It definitely helps in making the same outfit look completely new and fresh! Go a little Gossip Girl with a preppy luxe look by adding tartan skirts and plain fitted cardigans with leather booties or pumps, and a handbag to top it off. However you decide to dress for the day, you’ll be surprised at the dozens of outfits you can make with just one sweater! Try to invest in nice wool pull-overs and cardigans that you can wear well into the winter and early spring.


This preppy look is complete with a dog-print cardigan! (Photo: Pinterest)


I adore Emma Roberts’ take on the grandpa sweater! (photo: Pinterest)


5. Skinny jeans: These babies should be in your closet year-round! Particularly for fall, skinny jeans are an absolute must as the weather gets cooler. In so many styles and colors, skinny jeans can transform any look. I personally love Levi jeans to emphasize your figure while the thicker denim is a great material to pair with other fall clothes like leather jackets and long-sleeved tees. Dark-wash skinny jeans ring in the fall season, so make sure to have a pair in your drawer! I also suggest having a distressed pair of jeans, and maybe a cropped pair that look great with booties.


Emily Ratajkowski rocks her figure with these Levi jeans. Extra points for the belt and turtle neck! (Photo: Pinterest)

Kendall JEANS

The supermodel strikes again! Kendall’s dark skinny jeans and booties are perfect fall fashion items (photo: Pinterest)


And there you have it! Be ready for the upcoming fall season with these necessary items, and you’ll be on-trend with some of the coolest models and fashionistas.

Now…are you ready for part two?




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