Fashion Musts for Fall 2017 (part two)

Welcome to part two!

Now that your closet is ready for fall, take your fashion game to the next level with these necessary accessories and items to pull it all together.

Note: These are just suggestions. Accessories, like clothes, are a very personal choice, so feel free to take/not take my advice here! I’m interested what you guys think, so please share any other ideas with me in the comments ❤

Now…Here we go!

1. Scarves: One of my all time favorite accessories is a beautiful, classic scarf. You just can’t go wrong here! A light, cotton scarf is great for the beginning of fall, when the weather is just right for that extra layer but doesn’t overwhelm your outfit. When the weather becomes cooler, grab a thicker scarf that you can wrap around in a couple of different ways. Scarves can complement your outfit or they can be your main accessory, and I love how you really can just play around with it. (My #1 favorite scarves are by Burberry!)


This light scarf by Burberry adds such a classic, feminine touch that looks well on anyone!

2. Booties: Shoes are definitely one of those personal choices, but for the fall, I think booties are the universal shoe of the season! Leather and suede booties offer such a nice texture and material to pair well with skinny jeans or other thicker materials. Booties in black or brown are staples for your shoe arsenal, but don’t be afraid to go for bolder prints or booties with buckles and other embellishments. I love booties because they give you just enough heels to elongate your posture while being comfortable to walk in. Recently, I’ve been loving the combat boot type look! Doc Martens and Timberlands also look really cool on casual fall outfits, and flat boots are a definite must to have on hand.


I love my boots in this deep, chocolatey color–perfect for fall!


Gigi Hadid has quite a few Doc Martens in her closet, but I love how she pairs these burgundy boots with the rest of her outfit! (Photo: Pinterest)

3. Hats: Hats are one accessory that I love but I’m pretty picky about. There are dozens of styles, so the options really are endless and if you find what works for you, then go with it! I like the current “athleisure” trend that so many people are wearing, so a fitted baseball/sports cap is a good place to start. I also like beanies, I think they are fun and casual, and look/feel great on crisper days. Many people opt for the floppy hat thing, but I think if you go a bit more basic, you can draw more attention to your amazing face and killer outfit!


Kourtney Kardashian’s black cap is an edgy but simple touch to her look (Photo: Pinterest)


I just love Hailey Baldwin’s cashmere beanie! It looks super comfortable, and the color can go with anything. (Photo: Pinterest)

4. Sunglasses: I’m going to say this now for all to hear: Gigi and Bella Hadid are the Queens of Sunglasses! Every time I see photos of them stepping out with a new pair of shades, I definitely get envious of how they can so effortlessly pull off sunglasses that I had thought were impossible to wear. I’m glad they prove me wrong! I really love the colored tinted shades, and the shapes also come down to personal choice and style. I think an aviator style can’t do any wrong, but I’m definitely going to try new styles, if Gigi and Bella are any indication. It may get dark earlier, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing your sunglasses at night!

Gigi YAS

Gigi’s dark chrome glasses are a good example of why mirrored glasses are so hot right now (photo: Pinterest)


Bella always wears new and daring styles of shades, and she proves why they look so good! (photo: Pinterest)


With these accessories, I know you’ll complete your fall-inspired outfit in no time.

I love fashion because you can be creative, bold, and timeless all at once. Our tastes and styles always change overtime, but I think fall will always bring out the best fashionista in us all!

I hope you liked my posts on fall fashion, and make sure to comment with ideas or suggestions.






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