Ladies and gentlemen…the one and only…New York Fashion Week!

I have never been so excited to attend anything as prestigious and fashion-related as the New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

As a New Yorker, this iconic event rolls in the Fall season with full force. Everyone brings their ‘A game’, and you can tell. It’s like everyone just stepped out of a Vogue editorial!

This is one of the reasons why I love it– fashion is so diverse and can mean multiple things to one individual, so seeing different style interpretations is very interesting as an artist and model myself.


Meatpacking district, where street style is always taken very seriously!

Many fashion shows take place during the day, and boy, can you imagine what the streets look like at night?! It’s non-stop!


A quick updo and my look went from day to the beginning of a very long, fun evening…


BUT, not only did I get to sneak a peak at the NYFW, I was also in it!

During NYFW, New York Bridal Week also takes the stage, where it showcases some of the most gorgeous gowns for brides-to-be. Beautiful embellishments, lace and sparkles, champagne-colored fabric and romantic silhouettes all dazzled spectators and set the tone for a new bridal season. Ladies, take note!

Pó de Arroz is one designer that wins the award for feminine and romantic gowns. The Brazilian designer makes unique and literally one-of-a-kind dresses (she only makes one of each!!) that are handmade, and you can see the intricacies of the design on her gowns.



Her show was also not just any fashion show– it was a benefit show for a charity close to my heart, Love Together Brazil. I’ve been a Junior Ambassador for the charity a few years, and I’ve been so blessed to see how our efforts have grown over the years, even over the last couple of months!

With Love Together Brazil, we bring support, supplies, and donations to an impoverished town in northern Brazil, where the dry climate and frequent droughts has increased hunger, thirst, unsanitary conditions, unemployment, and lowered educational opportunities.

At the Pó de Arroz show, we were stunned by the support we received! I was also completely honored to have been chosen as the show opener, which is a huge deal! This meant so much to me as an aspiring model, but also to be the face of a charity that I love so, so much.


To be a part of NYFW, in any sense, is simply amazing. It is a cultural beacon in this city, and I admire how it uses its platform to bring attention to urgent issues while supporting a community of creativity. I can’t wait to see what Spring brings!




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