São Paulo Fashion Week


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve last posted about my adventures, but I’ve been so insanely busy!

As the summer came to an end, I was on a flight to my native Brazil for the one and only São Paulo Fashion Week. One of my favorite designers, Fabiana Milazzo, invited me to attend her show and I even got to walk the runway!


Wearing a gorgeous dress by Fabiana Milazzo!

The event was absolutely mesmerizing– one of the reasons why I love the São Paulo Fashion Week is because of all the color and vibrancy, typical of Latin culture, found everywhere in the designs, runways, even the models themselves! Seeing the clothes up close definitely made me appreciate the artistry behind the designs, and I love celebrating creativity of all kinds.

I attended the entire Fashion Week– the festivities never seemed to end! From taking pictures on the red carpet to haunting some of the best after-parties, I was in a complete whirlwind of joy.

I think one of my favorite parts of being a VIP guest was definitely getting my hair and makeup done! Makeup and hair are sometimes overlooked when you think about Fashion Week. While everyone is focusing on the clothes, your hair and makeup has to pair with the entire concept, and some of the seasons boldest looks are taken fresh off the runway.

I think a classic look for fall is the smokey eye and nude lip– even at 15, I think this look can suite any girl! It instantly glams up your appearance, while the “smokiness” of your look is totally up to you. I like adding some browns and a bit of sparkle to keep the look youthful.


In addition to makeup, your hair game must be runway-ready. Even though I have long hair and the styles are endless, I sometimes just can’t think of something simple but fun to do. Here, the hairstylist completely nailed it! I love a good power pony, and again, I think it’s important that the hairstyle captures my youth and ability to pull off the look.


I love how my hair was used as a hair tie– totally diva glam!


All love! Hairstylist extraordinaire, Antonio Biaggi, is an amazing artist and friend. Check out his book! 

When I finally got to put my look together, I was so happy. I was in diva heaven! I have to say, I’m unapologetically feminine, and being able to indulge in hair, makeup, and fashion all at once was like a dream come true. I never felt so confident, being around other models and industry icons, while I got to try some of it myself.



From day to night: the final look!

Fashion is one of my favorite industries– you can be so creative and push boundaries, while making runway shows fun for everyone! I can’t wait to see what NYFW brings…stay tuned for my next post! 😉





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