ARD Foundation: Fighting Cancer!

Cancer is a disease that affects anyone, anywhere, anytime.

On May 10th, in Houston, Texas, I am proud to join supporters and celebrities alike to fund the fight against cancer at ADR Foundation’s event, “A Brazilian Night.”

The ADR (Alcides & Rosaura Diniz) Foundation is honoring Dr. Funda Meric-Bernstam from the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Her research seeks to identify molecular markers for predisposition testing, disease screening, and prognosis assessment. In 2007, MD Anderson received the prize for being the number one hospital in the fight against cancer in the United States!

In addition to this honor, the ADR Foundation is proud to present its celebrity ambassadors: Lais Ribeiro (Victoria’s Secret model), Reynaldo Gianecchini (Brazilian actor and cancer survivor), and myself, Emilia Pedersen.


Reynaldo and me at ARD’s last event in September!

I am so unbelievably honored to be a part of this organization and spread awareness of this disease. It is important for us to fund research– so many lives and loved ones can be saved. I am so grateful to ADR for allowing a teen like me to join the fight against cancer!


Joining Victoria Justice in the fight! 

Since the foundation’s creation in January 2017, it has held enormously successful fundraising events. Based in North Carolina, ADR Foundation launched its premiere event last April in São Paulo, Brasil. The event was a wild success with over 600 guests, including business moguls, celebrities, doctors, researchers, and supporters of new technology research in the fight against cancer.

With the goal to raise funds for research that focuses on using immunotherapy and gene sequencing to help fight and prevent cancer, funds will be raised through live auction, sponsorships, and tables sold, all of which will be donated towards the cancer research at MD Anderson Cancer Center and MSK Cancer Center.

32.6 million people live with cancer today, and 8.2 million die of cancer each year. In addition, battling this disease is a costly fight, with an expected $895 billion ( 

“A Brazilian Night” will represent Brazilian solidarity in a worldwide fight against cancer. But, as the statistics show, this is a movement that needs help from anyone who can give a hand.

My goal is to encourage positive change for spreading awareness of the disease, as well as promoting the importance of early prevention and diagnosis. I hope you all can pass along this message, and check out the ARD Foundation– together we can stay strong and become beacons of strength for those going through this battle!





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